Introduction to Spark It Insights & Ideas

Hi! I’m Kristine of Spark It Insights & Ideas…and I am here to empower businesses of all sizes to win customers hearts, minds and wallets through facilitating closer consumer connections.

I am a consumer insight enthusiast and advocate with more than 18 years’ experience in consumer psychology and marketing, working in advertising, brand consultancies and market research, and a strong believer that customers are the heart of any business.

To be successful in growing both the size and value of your brand/business, it’s vital to ‘get up close and personal’ with your target audience(s) on a regular basis, using them as true sparring partners. Arming you with genuine, powerful and profitable insights that can help confirm, shift or inspire your thinking, sparking great ideas and actions.

Powerful Marketing Research helps you make intelligent decisions in terms of where to invest your money and time to grow your brand, by knowing beforehand exactly what your customers want and the problem your service / product solves.

By doing market research you can discover…
– What your customers really want.
– Why they choose your brand.
– How you can make their life better.
– The most successful way to attract/grow your customer base.
– How to lock in consumers for a lifetime.

Enabling you optimise your marketing spend, and avoid wasting money on activities/messages that aren’t going to work.

Spark It works with businesses across a variety of industries incl. food, beverages, health, well-being, beauty, travel, financial services, retail (and more), offering tailored market research solutions to best match individual business/brand needs and situations.

To ensure the best outcomes for you, when relevant, Spark It partners with some of the top specialists and boutique agencies in the areas of quantitative research, branding, and new product/service development.

To learn more please feel free to get in touch. Email:

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